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Environmental Evergreens - A Darlington Tree Farm

Firmly rooted on 7-acres of historic Berkley soil, near the Village of Darlington and just a stone's throw from the mighty Susquehanna River, Environmental Evergreens is much more than the average Christmas tree farm.

Environmental Evergreens sells 15 varieties of common and uncommon Christmas conifers including Korean, Nordmann, Douglas, Canaan, Frazer and Balsam Firs; Deodora Cedar; Norway and Colorado Blue Spruce; White, Scotch, Austrian and Himalayan Pine.

At Environmental Evergreens, we specialize in ecology. We do not use chemicals, but hand weed, spray and mow. Our specialty is to dig our trees by hand, place in burlap and sell as living, plantable trees for your new year landscaping. We will cut our trees for you, drill and bale for free. We have limited quantities of 10 different species of fir, pine and spruce. Please come and visit our traditional offerings, but leave your dogs at home since we have yellow Labs on the farm to greet you. We offer free pine branches for your decorating.

Free bailing, Tree drilling, Hot cider, and get your picture taken with Santa Bob and the Reindogs on weekends! Please: No Dogs In Cars

Also visit the Greens Stable from late November through Christmas Eve for Frazer Fir Wreaths, Garland, Holly, Magnolia, Lotus and Winterberry. Enjoy a cup of cider and meet Santa Bob and the Reindogs.

From April 15th through June 1st, Environmental Evergreens is open by appointment and offers a variety of dug trees from 4 to 8 feet as well as bamboo, aquatic plants, animal food plants and ground cover.

Environmental Evergreens
3631 Berkley Road
Darlington, MD 21034
(410) 457-4766

Earthline: A 30-year Anthology by Bob Chance

Autographed copies of "Earthline: A 30-Year Anthology," with postage pre-paid and one-of-a-kind nature inserts included, can be purchased for just $25. Bob Chance is also available for environmentally-themed appearances, nature talks and book signings accompanied by an assortment of snakes, turtles, fossils and Native American tools.

Three decades of notes and observations from a teacher, town commissioner, cancer survivor and friend to the people, plants and animals of Harford County.

Since 1972, Bob Chance has been penning his nature column for the local Harford County newspapers. Here, for the first time, nearly 100 of those columns spanning more than 30 years have been reprinted and reorganized into this collection.

While the articles in this book offer a wealth of the author's natural insight, they represent merely a drop of moisture from the vast sea of knowledge and compassion which can only be fully appreciated by traveling a day in Bob's boots and witnessing his roadside animal rescues, his lovingly planted seedlings and the youths he sets each day on the path of conservation.

Words of praise for "Earthline: A 30-year Anthology"

"BOB CHANCE, the region's recognized authority on ecology, natural history and the East Coast Bigfoot, presents an entertaining and informative look at his local experiences and international journeys. This wonderful book focuses on the author's respect for the land, living creatures and local history, but readers also will appreciate his insatiable curiosity, which has led him to try to uncover some of nature's most intriguing and fascinating mysteries."
- ED OKONOWICZ, author of the "Spirits Between the Bays" ghost/folklore series

"EARTHLINE: A 30-YEAR ANTHOLOGY" is a captivating journey through the collected field experiences of naturalist-author Bob Chance, a man who has dedicated his life to the development, preservation, and appreciation of the world's woodlands and waterways. Whether he's studying the outdoor terrain of his native Harford County, Maryland, marveling over creatures great and small, or exploring distant exotic lands, Chance presents his thoughts and observations with an informed, passionate voice that calls for ecological conservation through awareness, education, and understanding. With an underlying theme stressing the importance of man's relationship to his surrounding natural environment, "EARTHLINE: A 30-YEAR ANTHOLOGY" resonates like a clear mountain stream on a fresh spring morning and will inspire readers to revel in the wonders of nature."
-- MARK OPSASNICK, author of "The Maryland Bigfoot Digest"

"BOB CHANCE'S writing is just like taking a ride or a hike with him through the byways of northern me on this, I've done that a few times too. He has a gift for making you see things you've never seen before. He introduces you to eccentric folk you'd never get to meet otherwise. And he can make you see something new about a place you've seen a thousand times before. Do yourself a big favor and take a Chance or two every day. It'll change the way you see things, and you'll never look back."
-- MATT LAKE, author of "Weird Maryland" and "Weird Pennsylvania"

Excerpts From Earthline: A 30-Year Anthology:

"This may be the only place in America where they dug their own tombstones"
Life and Death with Slate - Chapter 1

"As we capsized, an ugly thought flashed across my mind about how serious this situation was"
Skirmish with Drowning - Chapter 2

"I couldn't reach my knife and decided the only thing to do was try and pry open the jaw with my free hand"
Too much Excitement - Chapter 3

"As I sit and write this, tears fog my vision. A couple hours ago I watched eight years of pride, sweat and craftsmanship decay in red heat"
Tragedy - Chapter 7

"As the mist of dawn rose, I saw a form on the distant hilltop"
Chromehill Creature - Chapter 9

"The birds gave my presence away and he slithered into the water; his body kept oozing into the water"
Talek River Camp - Chapter 10

Published by

Coachwhip Publications
Landisville, PA

Extraordinary Adventures Summer Camp

The details for the 2013 summer camp are available now! It will run from June 24, 2013 to June 28, 2013. Please click here to download a flyer about the camp with a lot more information.

Extraordinary Adventures Summer Camp is for youth 9 to 16 years of age who have a spirit of adventure, like hiking and kayaking, and are interested in a totally different outdoor experience! Explore a wind cave, propel through water shoots in a cascading creek, traverse wooded terrain, scale rocks, swing from vines, investigate local waterways, dig in an archeological pit, and search for artifacts from the First People.

The camp runs for 5 days each summer. Base camp is in Darlington.

For more information or a registration form, contact Ranger Bob at 410-457-4766 or

Bob Chance is a locally recognized and world-traveled naturalist, conservationist, educator, trailmaster, and river guide with over 40 years experience inspiring, educating, and motivating people of all ages.

Campers MUST be prepared to: Get Wet, Get Dirty, and Have Fun!

Extraordinary Adventures Day Hikes and Kayak Paddles

By boot or by boat, join Ranger Bob on a series of Extraordinary Adventures offered throughout the year!

Lace up your boots, grab your walking stick and binoculars, and hit the trail on a hike to remember to a local destination in the Harford, Baltimore, Cecil or southern Pennsylvanian area.

Hop into a kayak and paddle with Bob onto the Susquehanna River or one of its tributaries to enjoy adventure on the water.

Ranger Bob offers these unique natural history interpretation hikes year-round -- whether it's trudging through fresh Winter snow looking for mammal footprints, turning an eye toward the Autumn sky for hawks and other raptors, splashing through a stream after the first Spring rains to find newly awakened frogs and salamanders, or enjoying a quick dunk in the creek after a paddle under the hot Summer sun.

Previous Extraordinary Adventures have included:

- A 3-mile hike to a remote grove of majestic, ancient Eastern Hemlocks off of Broad Creek in northern Harford County. These 75 to 150 foot tall trees are like the wise old kings of the county -- bearing secrets of our land's past. This 'old growth' forest is recognized as a natural heritage site and is a true county treasure. Be awed and inspired as you go back in time and bear witness to these woods of timeless timber.

- Exploration of new growth and Spring awakenings in less traveled areas of Gunpowder's Upper Deer Creek watershed.

- Kayak in the sunset with the last rays of the day falling behind the horizon. Pack a picnic dinner and join us for a relaxing paddle as the day turns into night under a full moon on the Susquehanna River.

Contact Bob at for information on upcoming Extraordinary Adventures!


Habitats By Chance

At Habitats By Chance, we offer custom design of yard enhancement to attract wildlife, greenscreen buffers from obstructions, uncommon ornamental grasses, and select spruces and firs. The plantsman's 45 years of tree planting and wetland creation provide a special fast track to a thought out, ecological, and reasonably-priced habitat adjacent to your home.